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DJ Williams tweets his playbook off of his ipad

DJ Williams from Tha U took this picture of his playbook and posted it on his twitter.  Playbooks on Ipad?  Cool.  Playbooks on the internet while being suspended for 6 games for failing a PED test?  Uh ok, DJ.  What the hell are the note cards and pencil sharpner from 1976 doing?!

By the looks of the plays, it’s man coverage and who each LB gets depends on the posistion of the SS and if there are motion.  SAM LB is coming off the strong side.  SS has #1 to his side, and the LBs take the others.  Pretty simple, Teflon Dyme.

Oh and in case you don’t follow Teflon Dyme on twitter, here is his avatar…

H/T: @DjWilliam55 and The Big Lead

Dolphins cheerleaders cover “Call Me Maybe” in the D.R. while on their 2013 calander photo shoot.  Like.

Blackmon drives drunk, gets aggravated DUI with .24 BAC.

My guy and the guy who I yelled and screamed for the Browns to draft was picked up over the weekend for his second DUI in 3 years.  He blew a .24 with is 3X the legal limit.  Anything over .15 and it is classified as an aggravated DUI.  His second offense? Bad.  3X the legal limit?  Really not good.

He was known at Okie State as a good guy (see the numerous specials about the girl who was sick whom he friended and invtied to numerous games) but this is troubling.  It is 2012 and he is making millions.  Just get a cab or a driver.  Anything.

I have driven more than a few times during college and a little post and it is stupid every time.  Just get a driver.  Please.  Cue Rome’s 1-800-BWAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA


This past weekend…


Starting nose tackle and second year player, Phil Taylor, out for the year with a torn pec.  The Browns do not get any breaks.  Ever.

Browns Trent Richardson Game Jersey - BRN

Oh and they are going to wear Brown at home for at least 4 of the 8 home games in 2012.  I personally love the all white every game with the white socks and stripes.  WFNY

FSU to the Big XII?  Texas got their own network, and they would like that as well.  Screw splitting money with everyone else.  Dr. Saturday

Bryce Harper hit himself in the face Nats Insider

Walk off slammie, after 2 homeruns, in front of 70 people (The Nats still took 2 of 3 from the ‘legs) Nats Insider

3rd for the Nats…Ramos out with torn ACL (non-contact), the guy who was kidnapped over the winter Nats Insider

Kevin Na and his caddie Kenny Harus search for his ball on the 12th hole fairway during the final round of The Players Championship on Sunday.  Kelly Jordan/For the Times-Union

Kevin Na had a hard time teeing off on Saturday…then tanked on Sunday

Mother’s Day

Super Jackson, Bo.

From Kegs N Eggs

(Source: (Trotter) - After difficult year, Raiders' Pryor relishing chance to start anew

Terrelle Pryor

Hey look!  It’s former Buckeye day!

He is behind Carson Palmer and another college superstar bust Matt Leinhart as Oakland’s number 3 QB.

I’m sure him missing the first 5 games really hampered his development and after 5 games this year, he should be starting for the Silver and Black.  I’m glad he can get a paycheck, but I doubt he will take any meaningful snaps, any time, and that this should be his only and last full year in the league.  He was happy the head coach was fired because now everyone was starting over, just like him.  Sweet dude.  He was afraid to ask the coaches questions because they were “trying to get ready for games…I saw how stressed out they were during the season, which I totally understand.”  Or…you’re in the NFL and that’s what NFL coaches and players do.  They care about prep and gearing up for the next week’s opponent.  Shocking, I know!

He took money so his mother and sister wouldn’t use the oven for heat back home.  He didn’t buy new Jordans, but every picture, he was wearing new Jordans.  He also felt he was the only one getting blamed.  But when he gets credit, and gets free stuff, and has his face all over everything, and special treatment by Tressel, and had his own signing day, all of that was ok.  He also added, “I had some type of ego with me.”  You also said that everyone kills everybody every day, or something.  Jesus, Terrelle.

What a talent.  What an asshole.  Whatever you do, please don’t come back to Columbus, ever, TeePee. - Cops Investigating Shooting Involving NFL Star

Junior Seau has apparently shot himself in the chest and has died.  Very very sad.

This follows a 2010 incident of a car he was driving going off a cliff, hours after he was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.  He then said he had fallen asleep and did not try to kill himself.

Here’s deadspin’s post:

Grantland (Chris Brown-Smart Football) - 2012 NFL Draft: Did the Browns Blow It?

More about the players they got and not about the Browns’ plan.  Either ground and pound with Colt, or get Weeden, who has to play NOW, and get some play makers around him.  The Browns did neither.  Best case scenario: The Browns have TRich and Weeden and some guys in 3 years.  Weeden will be 32 and TRich will have taken 2 full years of pounding, and Shurmur and the offense is still there.  Steelers and Ravens get old and maybe the Browns have an offense that can outscore Dalton (younger and more experienced) and AJ Green (better than any receiver the Browns will have and anyone that covers him) to MAYBE get close to the AFC North Crown. 

TRich on a wheel route against the number 1 defense (SICKNASTY ALERT):

Weeden and Co. in the Fiesta Bowl:

The Plain Dealer - Cleveland Browns shouldn't run away from taking Trent Richardson: Terry Pluto

Trent Richardson

So the Browns have a need at CB (Mo Claiborne) and WR (BLACKMON) and the last RBs drafted in the first round were Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson and Cadillac Williams.  Adrian Peterson was no. 7 and MJD was no. 60 (which Pluto says should have been top 5? UH no.  A no. 60 pick doesn’t drop from a top 5 without baggage and MJD had none, get over yourself Pluto).

His main argument is that BLACKMON has a chance to be good and Richardson has a chance to be great.  I don’t even know what that means.

I’m a BLACKMON guy, and true, the Browns could get another WR with their late 1st-round pick, and Trent is a beast, but RBs are a dime a dozen and who in the hell is Colt going to throw to?  Little could be turn into a good no. 1/2 WR with BLACKMON at the other wideout and then the Browns get a serviceable RB later or in FA.

The Browns will draft Trent or trade down, and BLACKMON will become an all-pro in an all-passing league and the Browns will have a sweet RB against the Ravens (sweet run D) and the Steelers (sweet run D) with AGAIN NO PASSING THREAT AGAIN.

Sure the Richardson jerseys will sell and the Dawg Pound will be excited, but in a passing league with no WR and two of the best run defenses in football in your own division, I don’t like taking a RB at no. 4.  I just don’t.

Here’s a Trent Richardson draft video:

2012 Browns Schedule

I guess the NFL schedule being released is an event, as seen by the 3 HOUR show ESPN had on last night.  I watched 0 minutes.  Also love the predicting every team’s wins and losses.  I’m sure you can give great insight for the Ravens’ 16-week match up.  Take a steak knife and jab it into your peehole.

Anyway, why you’re here: the Cleveland Browns 2012 schedule.  AFC North has the NFC East and AFC West, and the Browns play the other last place teams in the AFC at the Colts and home versus the Bills.


Fri Aug 10: at DET

Thu Aug 16: at GB

Fri Aug 24: PHI

Thu Aug 30: CHI

Regular Season

Week 1: PHI 1:00

Week 2: at CIN 1:00

Read More


Gruden’s QB Camp: Kellen Moore

One of the many great college QBs who isn’t projected to be much in the NFL, who I instantly root for.  He too made me a lot of money and has the most wins ever as a starting college QB.  Not a huge fan of Boise, but winning means something and knocking off BCS teams as freaking Boise State is a big deal.  Best of luck to you, Mr. Moore.

Gruden’s QB Camp: Brandon Weeden.

I like Weeden beacuse

1) He went to a school with cool colors

2) He’s my age

3) He made me a lot of money in 2011

4) He could go to the Browns

5) He threw to BlackMON and threw to BlackMON a lot

6) He seems like a total normal dude

7) He played baseball too

Smart Football - The Future of the NFL: More Up-tempo No-huddle

From the Bills K-Gun and Bengals in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and the new rules on protecting the QB and the passing game in general, along with the bigger WRs and faster TEs, the passing game in the NFL has exploded (see: Super Bowl Champs Saints and Packers and the Colt Bronco and Patriot passing game) along with the short shelf-lives of RBs, the up-tempo movement is here in the NFL. Looked primarly as a “college offense” compared to a “pro-style”, the NFL is adapting to those college players and the fast spread is here at the highest level of football. Chris goes into depth about it.

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