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Illinois black helmet. Word has it that it will see the field a few times in 2012. Whatever. View high resolution

Illinois black helmet. Word has it that it will see the field a few times in 2012. Whatever.

DJ Williams tweets his playbook off of his ipad

DJ Williams from Tha U took this picture of his playbook and posted it on his twitter.  Playbooks on Ipad?  Cool.  Playbooks on the internet while being suspended for 6 games for failing a PED test?  Uh ok, DJ.  What the hell are the note cards and pencil sharpner from 1976 doing?!

By the looks of the plays, it’s man coverage and who each LB gets depends on the posistion of the SS and if there are motion.  SAM LB is coming off the strong side.  SS has #1 to his side, and the LBs take the others.  Pretty simple, Teflon Dyme.

Oh and in case you don’t follow Teflon Dyme on twitter, here is his avatar…

H/T: @DjWilliam55 and The Big Lead

VTech helmets

Not actual helmets they will wear (I think), but from a Riddell display booth in Cleveland.  From HGI (Hydro Graphics, Inc.) facebook page:

The MultiCam Virginia military helmet and the HydroChrome Red Wenom prototype on display at the Riddell booth in Cleveland.  Thanks to all of the equipment managers for stopping by.

Look pretty sick.  I see the metallic helmet finish (along with numbers on jerseys) as the new thing coming soon…to everybody. 

How to sauce pasta the right way.  Mix the pasta with the sauce for about a minute…just watch the video.  Found from Life Hacker.

(Source: Lifehacker)

Anchor goes after old reporter…looks from the ’80s.  I love media fights.

From: The Big Lead


Boston fans are the worst

Another part of hating the Heat is that I am forced to root for a Boston team, and therefore I am on the same side as their fans.  I hate Boston fans.  I HATE THEM.  Let’s take a look at last night’s game.

Example One: Street Sign with “FCK” on it

Example Two: Fan throws ball back into the court, hits Wade’s face

Example Three: Beer dumped on James post-game

Browns fan is impressed.  Boston fans have no hawt.  Go back to the baahhh you freaking retaaaahhhdddzzzzz.

Pic, gif and youtube via The Big Lead.


James goes off in game 6 to bring the ECF to a best-of-1

Facing elimination, LeBron James showed that he's the best basketball player on the planet: 45 points and 15 rebounds in a 98-79 Miami win.
James had one hell of a night last night, as he went for 45, 15 and 5 and led the Heat to dominate the C’s in game 6. And that is the exact reason why he has gotten killed over the past two years for standing in the corner and taking 20 foot jumpers at the end of games.

He is the most talented athletic freak since Bo Jackson, and was THE MAN in Cleveland (see: Game 5 in 2007 vs. Detroit). With the Heat, last year, he felt sorry for himself for being the bad guy after being the babyface of the NBA and Cleveland. He looked like he didn’t want to step on Wade’s toes and defer to Wade because he came into Wade’s house. “This is Wade’s team and I’ll be there when he needs me.”

Last night he took over early and the Heat were in no real trouble in an elimination game and that was because of James.

I am in no way a fan of James. How can the best player on the planet kick every Cleveland (Ohio) fan in the junk and remain beloved? He did the one hour announcement, he came out (along with the other two) to a WWF-style presser and said he wasn’t going to win 5, 6, 7 championships. I’m sure he thought it was funny and cool and was playing up to the crowd. Hell, even the announcer prefaced it by saying, “You three kings…” but it hurt every sports fan and former player who knows how hard it is to just get to the finals, let alone win a professional championship.

This series, he has taken the same amount of abuse he has through out his Heat tenure, but I don’t see it. He has done nothing wrong in the 3 losses, and Wade has made the dumb plays. It is easy to crush the CHOSEN ONE but this series he does not deserve it.

Last night he was the MVP all night, and took the 4th quarter off because the game was over. He can do what he did last night every game, and when he just stands there, or takes a fade-away jumper over a 6’2” point guard, the question is WHY?! TAKE IT TO THE HOLE.

I want the Heat to lose more than anything, but I watched James dominate last night and if the Heat want those multiple titles they were talking about in the summer of 2010, then give the 3-time MVP the ball and get the hell out of the way. I do not want the Heat to win, but a OKC-MIA finals would be fantastic.

Game 7 - BOS at MIA - 8:30PM - SAT - ESPN

Leaked trailer from “Django Unchained” featuring Jamie Foxx and an escaped slave turned bounty hunter with the ultimate goal of taking out Leo, a slave master.  Directed by Q and comes out around Christmas.  Very I. Basterds feel to it.  LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!

Maxim - Maxim Interrogates the Makers and Stars of The Wire

An ESPN Book - style oral history of one of the best tv shows ever.

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